Emily Anthony

Associate Director, Philadelphia

For the nearly a decade, Emily has successfully helped companies grow in exposure as well as size. Her expertise spans across two main categories: recruiting and marketing. This includes digital marketing, advertising, print media, market research, PR, data analytics, and information technology.

Prior to Centerstone, Emily served as a Marketing Associate for a Data Analytics company, and Webmaster at American University while finishing her degree. Prior, Emily was a Marketing team lead, business development associate, and company recruiter at one of the largest transportation manufacturers in the country, helping them nearly double in size during her tenure. Emily has also written for a vegan/vegetarian newspaper, as well as created freelance marketing collateral for several small boutique law firms across the US.

Emily holds a degree in Business Administration from American University, with a focus on Management. Her areas of emphasis are management, entrepreneurial growth, marketing, and organizational development.

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