Search, Selection and Onboarding for Executive Teams and Boards

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A successful executive search starts long before there is a vacancy in the C-Suite or the boardroom. It’s a dynamic part of a carefully considered and strategic succession plan – one that ensures synergy, seamless integration and longevity. It requires access to talent typically unavailable for direct recruiting, and a deft touch in the attraction and acquisition of proven leaders. In an industry that relies on templates and databases, our reach and relationships make Centerstone Executive Search stand out.

Our search process yields winning candidates who are generally identified within the first six weeks of every search.

Our disciplined, multi-step process is characterized by close collaboration, high-touch and an unparalleled level of customer service, paying particular attention to the sensitivities of transition management. Our proprietary onboarding process dramatically improves the success rate of leaders in new roles by speeding ramp-up, increasing retention and facilitating cultural integration and relationship formation with key stakeholders.

We are tenacious and accountable on every level: committed to delivering results within a measured window of time, with creative and flexible approaches to managing search spend that will ensure optimal return on investment.

We successfully tap into our network of leaders who are catalysts, and build and develop high-performing boards and leadership teams. We are also committed to diversity and 100% of Centerstone candidate slates include diverse candidates. Our holistic, long-term approach enables clients to “hire ahead” by placing executives with headroom for development into more senior leadership roles over time, ultimately reducing search churn at critical transition points in the future.

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